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Christmas Eve and Christmas in Bulgaria

On Christmas Eve in the night before Christmas, the family is gathered in celebration dinner. The oldest man in the house zapalva fire, which puts Yule log - particularly sharply oak or pear tree, which burns all night. If the Yule log burning violently, with great fire and praska many sparks, the year will be healthy and fertile for the whole family.

Christmas in Bulgaria
Christmas Eve

On the Table are placed odd number - seven, nine and eleven, post dishes. Cake, boiled corn, boiled beans, post sarmi, pickles, onions, nuts and other nuts, zelnik, flat, kravaycheta, Spanakopita, oshaf (compote of dried fruits), honey, fresh fruit. Invariably appear and garlic, which, according to folk beliefs discourage class spells and diseases.

The dinner begins with incense throughout the house with incense, to progonyat evil spirits. Rite cake - bogovitsa are involved with triple sift flour with? Silent? water. This water most young bride brought by the fountain, quoth without any word on the way. Cake is adorned with figurines made of dough, symbolizing fertility - wheatear, grapes, sun, bee, plowman, pieces of domestic animals and more.

On the table owner of the house raised high above his head and utter pitata felicitation:

To be born wheat under way and over time
classes to become as spoons and grain - as drenki!
To bear grapes, barley and maize!
To produce lambs, goats and cows!
Oh, come visit us to dinner!

Bogovitsata breaks is the oldest of the table, the first piece is called Mary or a house. The other pieces are distributed in line of adults to the smallest. Anyone seeking its piece of hidden steam. Which it found to be rich and happy throughout the year. Girls got into pillow first piece by piece in order to dreaming about who will get married. At the end of each dinner chupi a walnut and whether it is good or bad, gadae their health.

Midnight run waits. It is very important who will visit the home of the first Christmas Eve and New Year. If polaznikat (first guest) is a good man, the year will be good for all the trumps in the house.
Nativity, also Christmas, or Bozhik Bozhich is one of the biggest religious festivals in the Christian world. Christians celebrate it on the birth of the Son of God Jesus Christ. According to the Gospel of Luke that happened in the town of Bethlehem, the province of Judea.

Orthodox Christians celebrate a solemn Nativity par with Easter. When Catholics and Protestants Christmas is the celebration consideration. Nativity is one of the 20-they church holidays in Bulgaria. Notes on December 25 (the Gregorian calendar and novoyulianskiya) on Jan. 6 from the Armenian church and Jan. 7 (the Julian calendar). In Bulgaria is a public holiday with a decision on 9 th National Assembly on 28 March 1990.

The date Dec. 25 has important mission. On this day nations in Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor celebrating the birth of their gods - Egyptian Osiris (Serapis in the Greeks and Romans), Persia Mitra, the Greek Dionysius and others. In popular in 2 and 3 in Rome century cult of Mitra on December 25 was celebrate 'Day of the birth of Nepobedimoto Slyntse "(Dies Natalis Solis Inviciti), a Roman emperor who in 270 years to approve this holiday decree, Has utazhdestvyaval with the sun.

On December 25 together with the new faith were entangled and old presented to the ancestors for different pagan, fire heavenly gods? for the invincible sun god of gods Slavonic Peru and Dazhdbog. Entangled worship are large natural circulation completion of a natural cycle and the birth of the world again, rotation of the sun and the day to light and spring with new faith for the birth of spirit, looks to the truth and light. Condemn Christians that celebrate the same day with them, a St. Augustine replied:? We celebrate not as respected nevernitsite sun, and that created the sun.

On this day families visit each other. And if praznichnata sofra on Christmas Eve is mostly post meals, Christmas table and the meat is not lifted all day. Brunch is prepared fresh cake, Spanakopita with meat or cheese, roasted liver, pastarma, cabbage with black pudding, pork with leeks, roast fowl, pork izparzheno of bites. Christmas is celebrated three days.

The first all Hristovtsi and Christina celebrating his name day, and the third, which is in honor of St. protomartyr arhidyakon Stefan, and celebrate those who bear his name.According to popular belief, from Dec. 25 to Jan. 7 iznizvat twelve days is called 'dirty', 'pogani "" karakondzhovski'. Women pereli not tachali, not before. People called them 'nekrasteni' days, since after the birth of Christ until Jan. 7 when he names John the Baptist, he has not yet been dedicated. During the 'dirty' days in some Bulgarian regions have Carnival organize marches as a continuation of koledarskiya obryad.


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